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2CM Outdoor Porcelain Tiles Supplier, Manufacturer

In the dynamic world of stones with increasing demands for serene and durable stones, porcelain tiles and slabs are getting high demand. And one specific reason for that is their amazing look and variety of options we got along with such long durability.

Apart from the varieties, porcelain tiles are also very tough which makes them best suitable for outdoor flooring.Porcelain tiles can also withstand high temperatures and heavy weight.

We, MPG Stone, are one of the leading 2cm outdoor porcelain tiles manufacturers and supplier to the world. Add a modern touch to your residential and commercial space with our best-refined porcelain floor tiles.

What We Can Offer to Our Customers

Best Suitable Product

We have a detailed examination of modern and elegant designs and colors to give your space an aesthetic feel. We kept different ongoing trends in mind and have designed some possible patterns to give our customers what they are looking for.

Maintained Quality Standard

We do quality checks for our outdoor porcelain tiles at various stages. We have a slip rating of R11 which is said to be optimal for slip resistance. We go through a detailed quality check from inspection of raw materials to check before loading outdoor porcelain tiles for delivery. We have our separate team of experts to look for all these things to avoid any mistakes.

Wide Range of Products

We truly believe that design selection is an essential aspect of the purchase. And for that, we provide a wide range of outdoor porcelain tiles for our customers to choose from. We have our porcelain tiles ranging in different colors, styles, designs, and shapes to meet your outdoor requirements at best.

Faqs | 2CM Outdoor Porcelain Tiles Suppliers in India

Q. How Strong are outdoor Porcelain Tiles?

Ans. Due to their density and water resistance nature, Outdoor porcelain tiles are extremely durable. Also, porcelain tiles won’t be affected by temperature. It doesn’t lose strength, crack or show any other type of damage.

Q. How thick should porcelain tiles be outdoors?

Ans. Standard porcelain tile is typically (1/4) feet thick, but pavers are (3/4) feet (2CM) thicker— three times as thick. Only interior applications should use standard (1/4) feet tile. Tile sizes (1/2) feet, (3/8) feet, or (5/16) feet can be used for covered exterior areas with little exposure to bad weather.

Q: Can your outdoor porcelain tiles be used for both residential and commercial space applications?

Ans. Yes, our outdoor porcelain tiles are suitable to use in both residential and commercial space applications, including outdoor pool decks, patios, walkways, and public spaces.

Q. What is special about porcelain?

Ans. Porcelain is a unique man-made product. It has a high level of density, mechanical resistance, and low porosity.These all things when included provide durability, beauty, serene texture, soft touch, and innocuity. You can clearly state the difference it has from other stones.

Q. What is the lead time for the delivery of your porcelain tiles?

Ans. The times needed for the delivery of our outdoor porcelain tiles can differ depending on your location, size, and complexity of your order. We strive to provide prompt and efficient service and will do our best to meet your service deadlines. For any further information, you can also contact us by filling out the form.

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