MPG Stone offers a series of natural sandstone tiles and slabs for residential or commercial use. Sandstone is a sedimentary rock that is mainly composed of quartz sand with a low amount of feldspar. Sandstones are extremely hard because the inner particles are strongly held together by Silica.

MPG Stone is a leading supplier and exporter of sandstone floor tiles. Our tiles come in various ranges of finish, thickness, quality, and sizes. We also offer a wide variety of Sandstone kitchen floor tiles to choose from. With multiple color options in natural sandstone flooring, MPG Stone provides different finishes like Natural, Polished, Antique, Flamed, Rebated and much more.

We have successfully supplied to our large clientele in various countries across the globe like Australia, Ireland, UK, France, and India among others. Due to a longer lifespan, natural sandstone flooring is preferred over the regular ceramic tiles. These tiles are also widely used in pool sides as they can withstand large water pressure without losing their natural texture.