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Natural Stone Wall Cladding Manufacturer

A wall panel is a single piece of material that is used to enhance or cover a wall. It is a flat piece cut into a rectangular shape and usually made from rigid or semi-rigid components such as plastic, wood, or other materials. Wall paneling was used thousands of years ago to enhance the walls of interiors.

MPG Stone is a renowned natural stone wall panel manufacturer and supplier in the world. Our array of wall panels is designed with supreme quality under the guidance of professionals. We offer wall panels of high durability, unique designs, and the finest finishes.

What We Have To Offer You


Stone wall cladding is robust in nature, which makes it perfect to use for both exterior and interior purposes. It is also fire resistant, including resistance to chips, breaks, and cracks, and can easily withstand harsh environmental conditions. It also requires little to no maintenance.

Versatile in Uses

Stone wall cladding can be used in a number of places, such as near fireplaces, on boundary walls, outside of pools, or bathroom feature walls. You can also create a visual division in any open space with a stone wall panel. They are also a perfect choice to add interest to any building facade.

Exotic Appearance

Natural stone wall panels have a unique feature in that no two stones have a similar color or design, which provides an exotic appearance to your personal and professional space.

Faqs | Natural Stone Wall Cladding Manufacturer

Q. How thick is a natural stone wall cladding?

Ans. The average thickness of a natural stone cladding is 1-3/16 inches (3 cm). Overall, the dimension of a wall stone may vary depending on the area in which it is being used and other specifications, including the type of material used during the manufacturing.

Q. How strong are stone wall cladding?

Ans. A Stone wall cladding from the outside area can take one damage out of around eight pickaxe hits. On the other hand, from the soft side, it can take up to 1.2 damage per hit.

Q. What are the properties of stone wall panels?

Ans. Some of the major properties of stone wall panels are superior thermal insulation, longevity, sustainability, and durability.

Q. How long do these stone claddings last?

Ans. These stone claddings are considered the best for their durability and longevity and can last up to 40 to 50 years or more.

Q. Are stone wall coverings soundproof?

Ans. Stone walls create a layer of heat and sound insulation. This layer prevents sound from entering your space and creates a peaceful environment inside your area.

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