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Stepping stones are the stones that allow a pathway to cross the side in any outside area. They are medium-sized stones that have a surface above the ground or any water body. They are mostly used to allow a crossing without harming the plants or anything underfoot, and they can be available in any random or geometric shape.

MPG Stone is a leading natural stone stepping stone manufacturer and supplier around the world. We offer stones for different looks, whether they are contemporary, traditional, or irregular.

What We Can Offer You

Versatile Stones

These are versatile in nature and can be used in any sense. Whether you want to provide a formal look or add some sharpness to your garden, or whether you need a casual look or an organized pathway in your outer area.

A Practical Choice

Stepping stones come with a lot of advantages, including the comfort they provide under the foot. It also allows a better drainage system for garden areas. You can also lay them in any type of area, whether curved or straight. And stepping stones are also easy to maintain and long-lasting.


The steps are adaptable to any place and can be easily surrounded by anything, including pebbles, grass, gravel, or any other decorative object.

Faqs | Natural Stone Stepping Stones Manufacturer

Q. Do stepping stones need mortar?

Ans. If the place is soft, then it is necessary to use a cement bed to avoid its dreaded sinking and provide stability.

Q. Are stepping stones a good choice for outdoor area?

Ans. Yes, they are considered a practical choice for outdoor areas. But how advantageous they will be for different projects may vary from place to place and project to project.

Q. What types of stepping stones are available to you?

Ans. We have three types available to us. You can choose any one of them for your project from our explore section.

Q. Do you provide customizable stepping stones?

And. Yes, we do provide customized stones to our clients to meet their different project needs. You can have stepping stones of different sizes, shapes, textures, and colors based on your requirements.

Q. How long can garden stones last?

Ans. The durability and life of these stones vary from stone to stone. The life of a stepping stone depends on its building material, and it can last for

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