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Porcelain Slabs Exporter, Manufacturer and Supplier

Porcelain slabs are one of the most durable and extensively strong stones used to enhance residential and commercial spaces. Porcelain is made from the mixing of clay, minerals, and sand and has been baked at a very high temperature. Porcelain is one of those materials that can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

We, MPG Stone are one of the leading porcelain slabs exporter all over the world. We almost deal in all sizes and build our position well in the international market of porcelain stone slabs. One of our main focuses is to deliver quality and affordable products to our customers.

What You Can Expect From Us?

Elegant Designs

We have a wide range of porcelain slabs and tiles and have been in this business for more than 38 years. Keeping in mind the different tastes of users, we have covered a variety of looks of porcelain stone slabs including traditional, modern, classical, and so on. So you can choose one according to your preference and taste.

Long Lasting Material

Porcelain stone is considered one of the most durable stones suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses. So for people looking for a long-term investment, our porcelain slabs will be a great option. Being one of the most resistant stones to date, it is also easy to maintain and requires little to no upkeep after installation.

R11 Rated

Our porcelain stone has a rating of R11 which means it is also slip resistant which makes it a great choice to use in wet places like bathrooms, outdoors, and stairs too. We have invested in world-class technology to produce material better in all aspects.

Faqs | Porcelain Slabs Exporter and manufacturer

Q. Do you offer porcelain tiles for commercial spaces too?

Ans. We offer a wide range of porcelain slabs and tiles for commercial space use. Mark it for indoor, outdoor, wall, or floor. You can choose from a number of designs that best suits your commercial needs.

Q. What makes your porcelain slabs unique?

Ans. We have an expert team to specifically design our unique porcelain. We create lavish porcelain slabs to provide a balance of aesthetics and functionality. We keep on improving our designs as per market demands.

Q. What are the benefits we get from using your porcelain slabs?

Ans. Our porcelain slabs are of superior durability and are easy to maintain and clean. The porcelain tiles that we provide are strongly stain-resistant and non-porous along with maintaining beauty and a new look over the years.

Q. How can I get to know more about your porcelain slabs?

Ans. To know more about our porcelain slabs and tiles, contact us by filling up the form. And soon our representative will connect with you for further discussion.

Q. What is the process for your quality control?

Ans. We track our material from manufacturing to delivery. From using quality raw materials to the finished product, we keep track of every step. We even cross-check the order before the delivery to ensure it is the same as the production.

Q. In which places do we install porcelain slabs?

Ans. Porcelain slabs are an ideal match for both residential and commercial uses. They can be used as countertops, Feature walls, floors, fireplaces, vanities, exterior cladding, shower walls, and more.

Q. What colors do porcelain slabs come in?

Ans. Porcelain slabs often come in different variants. You can choose from a variety of designs, textures, and colors.

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