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Stone circle paving has many names, including circular patios, natural stone circle kits, circular patio slabs, and paving circles. They are made of different stones and are small, but vary in size. It is used to create an attractive centerpiece and add character and a beautiful focal point to outdoor areas.

MPG Stone is a prominent manufacturer and supplier of stone circle paving worldwide. We have a decent and customizable collection of circle paving to blend seamlessly in any outdoor space, whether residential or commercial. We offer our best-quality paving circles at a cost-effective price to use in different applications.

Reasons To opt For Stone Circle Paving Slabs

Interesting Pattern

Our circle stones can be laid in various circular patterns to add character to the driveway while also providing a three-dimensional look. Along with the prints, they also serve certain functions, such as drawing attention to centers, creating space-efficient focal points, and providing a more comprehensive look.

Durable Stone

Paving circles are extremely durable and that’s why they are used for outdoor areas. They can easily go through harsh climate conditions and heavy traffic. With proper maintenance, you can also save it from cracks, chips, or flakes which goes well for an all-season outdoor area.

Customizable Material

Stone Circles can easily be customized to create a unique design in outdoor areas. Different colors can be matched together to form an eye-catchy driveaway for the outdoors and sync indoor classics together to put property well together.

Faqs | Indian Stone Circle Paving Manufacturer

Q. How long do circle paving stones last?

Ans. Paving slab can last up to 25 years to 50 years.

Q. What types of stones are used in circle paving?

Ans. Stone circle paving can be made from various types of stones, including granite, limestone, sandstone, and slate. These stones are chosen for their extreme durability, natural beauty, and ability to withstand weathering and erosion in outdoor areas.

Q. How are stone circles made?

Ans. Stone circles are made by cutting and shaping individual natural stones to fit together in a circular pattern. The stones are carefully arranged and laid on a prepared base, such as concrete or gravel, to create a stable and level surface.

Q. What are the benefits of using stone circle slabs?

Ans. Stone circle slabs provide a number of benefits, including adding visual interest and texture to outdoor spaces, creating a durable and long-lasting surface, and increasing the value of a property.

Q. How do we contact or place orders for circle paving?

Ans. You can get a quote by filling out the quote form, or you can write your requirements at or by calling us at +91 1274 225518.

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