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Stone Veneer Manufacturer

Stone veneer is a thin layer of any stone used as a decorative material for residential and commercial purposes which is not meant to bear any load. It is specifically designed to replicate the look of other natural stones.

At MPG Stone, we offer lightweight and flexible stone veneer sheets to our clients. We are a renowned stone veneer manufacturer and exporter. Our veneer sheets and panels have all the characteristics of natural stones and adhere to a flexible resin backing to suit the need of different projects.
All-Inclusive Package Tailored To Your Unique Needs

What We Have To Offer You

Amazing And Extremely Flexible

You can improve your space value with our thin stone veneer sheets. It is the best choice to create the illusion of a larger and fuller stone structure. It also offers immense flexibility for any project range as it is so lightweight and thin. You can also use them on a curved surface and they can also withstand any weather conditions.

Enrich The Space

Stone veneer brings charm to installation and boosts aesthetic appeal at any place whether it is for interior or exterior. It is also easy to clean with regular washing along with offering a sense of durability and permanence as it is rain resistant and doesn’t tarnish even after exposure to different elements.
Affordable With Easy Installation
As Stone veneer is sliced up into very thin sheets, it makes it a comparatively affordable material. And because it is made of natural stones means you don’t have to replace it eventually. And they are quite easy to install with great efficiency and are also handy.

Faqs | Stone Veneer Manufacturers & Suppliers

Q. How long does natural stone veneer last?

Ans. Generally, Natural stone veneer lasts for decades with simple periodic maintenance. Once installed properly, you will be assured that our natural stones and slabs will surely pay off many coming years down the line.

Q. In how many sizes do you offer natural stone veneer?

Ans. We offer a wide range of stone veneers in various sizes. To know about your preferred size and stone, we will recommend you to directly contact us through mail or call or by filling up a contact form.

Q. Can we use veneer stone sheets in water-prone areas?

Ans. Yes, you can use our stone veneer panels in water-prone areas as well such as bathrooms, outdoors, or swimming pools.

Q. How much do thin stone veneers cost?

Ans. One of the best benefits you will get after choosing a stone veneer panel is that they cost only a fraction of other natural stones. But to know the final price for your order, you need to contact us directly.

Q. Is stone veneer heat resistant?

Ans. Yes, the stone veneer is heat resistant as it is made from natural stones. In fact, some of them have a class A fire rating.

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