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Indian Limestone Paving Slabs Manufacturer

MPG Stone is one of the leading Indian limestone paving slabs manufacturers and exporters for your preferable projects. Limestone is a type of sedimentary rock mainly composed of calcite and dolomite. It contains fossilized debris, tiny fossils, and shell fragments. Limestone has a long history in the form of natural building materials and is renowned for its architectural utility.

Limestone slabs work well as kitchen countertops, vanity tops, and other elements. Choose from our various finishes which include polished, sun blast, shot blast, and honed.

What We Have To Offer You

High Compressive Strength

Limestone is a durable building material and is resistant to most chemicals and heat. It is considered a great choice to work in hot environments or with corrosive substances. It also helps in preventing cracks. It has a porous surface that slows down water absorption.

Opulent Touch

Color and texture variants of limestone are a great way to give a luxurious feel to your indoor and outdoor spaces. With all available designs limestone gives you the choice to enhance and decorate every space in a unique way that matches the texture of other elements in that area.

Low Maintenance And Versatile

In terms of both colors and styles, Limestone slabs offer versatility. It also gives limitless options for any type of space. However, it has an earthy tone but has different color options such as grey, beige, white, and ivory. It is also easy to maintain with some daily cleaning.

Faqs | Limestone Paving Slabs Manufacturer

Q. How is limestone paving manufactured?

Ans. Limestone paving is quarried from natural limestone deposits, then cut and finished into various sizes and shapes for use as paving slabs.

Q: What are the benefits of limestone paving?

Ans: Limestone paving offers several benefits, including its durability, versatility, natural beauty, and slip-resistant surface.

Q. How long does it take to order limestone paving slabs?

Ans. Depending on a number of variables, such as the quantity and type of limestone slabs ordered, the buyer’s geographic location, and our production schedule along with availability, limestone orders may take longer than expected. For an estimated lead time, it is best to connect with us directly to know.

Q. What maintenance is required for limestone paving?

Ans. Limestone paving requires regular cleaning and sealing to protect against stains and weathering. It is also important to address any cracks or chips promptly to prevent further damage.

Q: What colors and finishes are available for limestone paving?

Ans. Limestone paving is available in a range of colors and finishes, including gray, beige, brown, and blue. It can be finished with a polished, honed, or natural texture.

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