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Slate Stone Manufacturer- Intensify The Value

Slate is a fine-grained clayey metamorphic rock. It has great tensile strength and can readily cleave or split into thin slabs. Slate can be used in various locations such as roofing, garden decoration, and flooring. It is considered one of the best weather protectors with a unique and aesthetic look.

MPG Stone, a leading slate stone manufacturer, supplies exceptional natural slates worldwide. We aim to provide our clients with superb slate stones in terms of calibration and hardness backed up by a genuine desire to offer the best possible service.

Benefits We Have To Offer You

Greenest Roofing Material

Slate is a 100% natural stone that doesn’t contain any chemicals. It is called the product of hundreds of years of geology. The slate stone contains a far less carbon footprint between 0.005-0.054kg per kilo which is quite impressive. It is an eco-friendly choice to provide a great-looking and long-lasting roofing or flooring solution.

Apt For Every Climate

Slate stone has shown an outstanding longevity performance in different ranges of climatic conditions whether it is a heat climate, cold, or rain in many parts for hundreds of years.

Amplify The Value

When it comes to determining the durability and enduring capabilities of slate stones and slabs, It comes up remarkably. It tends to have a higher state value when used for any architectural application either on floors or roofs. It also comes in a wide range of colors to choose from.

Faqs | Slate Stone Manufacturer

Q. Does slate stone absorb water?

Ans. Slate is a waterproof stone having a very low water absorption rate which is also one of the main reasons behind using slate slabs for roofing, cladding, wet rooms, and kitchen countertops.

Q. What sizes do your slate stones come in?

Ans. Our slate stone come in various sizes, depending on the type of material. We can also provide custom size slate stones for wall cladding, flagstones, and paving stones.

Q. What colors are available in slate stone?

Ans. We offer a variety of colors in slate slabs and tiles including black, grey, green, brown, red, and other mixed combinations. Each color contains its unique texture and pattern. You can choose from our variety which suits your project needs better.

Q. What is your production capacity for slate stones?

Ans. Our production capacity for slate stone slabs completely depends on the specific slab or tile and order size. We can handle small to large slab orders and can adjust our production capacity to meet the demand of our clients accordingly.

Q. What is your pricing for stone slabs?

Ans. Being the slate stone manufacturer, our pricing is competitive and depends on the specific material you are choosing, order size, and delivery location. We offer flexible pricing options for our products to fit the budget of our clients. You can also write us a mail at to know about pricing, delivery, and other things in detail.

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