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Natural stone steps, as stated by their name, are made from large and flat natural stones. These steps can be laid in any way, depending on the selection of stone. They can be mixed with either flagstone or interlock to create a unique pattern for your specific project type.

MPG Stone is one of the largest stone step manufacturers and suppliers in the world. We provide the finest quality stones with custom designs to suit different project needs.

Things We Have to Offer You

Long Lasting

Stone steps are known for their durability and are considered one of the best options for a staircase if you are looking for a long-lasting solution that can withstand constant use by hundreds of people. It is also considered fireproof, which makes it safer to use in both commercial and residential spaces.

Easy to maintain

Stone steps are easy to maintain and can withstand normal wear and tear for years. You only require regular cleaning and mopping to keep your staircase looking like new. It also comes in a variety of styles, colors, and textures to choose from.

Add Values

Stone steps work well as a statement piece and add value to your place. Natural stone has a timeless look in and of itself; it remains highly desirable even in ever-changing interior design. It is also a solid solution that doesn’t make any irrelevant sounds even after years of use, and you can use it in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Faqs | Natural Stone Steps Manufacturer

Q. What are stone steps made of?

Ans. Stone steps are commonly made of natural stones such as granite, limestone, or bluestone. But you can use any natural stone to create stone steps at your place.

Q. Why choose natural stone steps?

Ans. Natural stones are the artwork of nature. Natural stones are highly durable and can withstand any climatic conditions for a long period of time. Along with such durability, they also enhance an area’s look.

Q. Where can I get more information?

Ans. We can help you solve your queries; all you need to do is contact us via mail at or directly call us at +91 1274 225518. Our representative will assist you with all your doubts.

Q. Are stone steps slippery?

Ans. The slipperiness of a stone step is defined on the basis of the natural stone used for it. Some stones may get slippery in wet weather but can be sealed to stop the absorption of moisture, which helps reduce the likelihood of slipping.

Q. How much do natural stone steps cost?

Ans. The cost of natural stone steps may differ from material to material, along with their color, type of stone, and size. We can only tell you the price based on the specifications of your requirements. Kindly contact us to know in detail.

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