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Mosaic stones are usually made from stones and glass. It is a type of limestone and has been a part of interior space for more than thousands of years now. The use of stone mosaic tiles extends to many applications, but popularly, they are used on floors and panels in both commercial and residential spaces to enhance and decorate the walls of living or sitting areas.

MPG Stone is a leading manufacturer and supplier of premium-quality stone mosaic tiles. Our attention to small-to-small details and effective quality control measures have made us a renowned go-to choice for exquisite mosaic stone slabs.

What We Have To Offer You


Mosaic tiles are considered one of the most durable materials that can withstand wear and tear over the long term. They also don’t require any heavy maintenance. So if you are looking for great-looking tiles without spending hours cleaning your home, go for mosaic tiles.

Design Flexibility

Natural stone Mosaic tiles are popular because they impart a decorative look to any type of setting quite easily. You can use your creativity while using mosaic tiles, as they provide numerous opportunities for a variety of designs.

Visual Appeal

Glass has great visual properties that are the reason behind the charming luminous quality of mosaic stones and tiles that draws attention. You can find mosaic tiles in various palettes of colors and with a metallic shimmer effect, which gives them an appealing touch.

Faqs | Stone Mosaic Tile Manufacturer

Q. What are mosaic tiles made from?

Ans. Mosaic tiles are formed by cutting porcelain, glass, stone, and other tile materials into small pieces. After that, these tiles are glued or mounted onto a mesh backing sheet.

Q. What is the special feature of mosaic tiles?

Ans. Due to the small pieces of tiles, mosaic is made of a very flexible material, which makes it an ideal choice for use in cladding both curved and flat surfaces. It is best used to infuse a bright and spacious look into any commercial or residential space.

Q. What is the best base for mosaics?

Ans. For the base of mosaic tiles, sturdy and well-built objects usually made of terracotta, wood, concrete, and metal work well. Decorative mosaic tiles will adhere to any base except the items made from flimsy plastics that can easily bend and bow.

Q. What types of stones do you offer?

Ans. We offer a wide range of mosaic stone products, including mosaic tiles, slabs, roofing tiles, wall cladding, flagstones, and paving stones. We can also provide custom orders to fit the specific needs of our clients as per their preferences.

Q. Do you need special adhesives for mosaic tiles?

Ans. It is recommended to use white PVA adhesive, such as Weldbond, for indoor artistic mosaics. And for outdoor mosaics or mosaics where water will be persistent, you should use the thinnest bonding mortar, such as in bathrooms, pools, fountains, or shower floors.

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