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About Us

MPG Stone envisioned promoting Indian natural stone to a laudable position across the globe. Over three decades, we have earned a prominent position in the Mining of Natural Stones and exporting them to the rest of the world.

We are one of the largest manufacturer and supplier of Indian natural stones like Porcelain, Quartz, Slate, Sandstone, Limestone, Granite, Marble, Travertine, Quartzite, Mosaics, and Veneer which are mined and processed at our own quarries and factories. Our product ranges from Tiles, Slabs, Flagstones, Mosaics, Borders, Counter Tops, Medallions, etc. of supreme quality and precision.

MPG Stone continues to grow and is continually expanding to accommodate the ever-changing tastes and trends of the Stone industry.

Our Values

To maintain highest degree of transparency, honesty, and business ethics at all levels and to be a responsible corporate citizen with sensitivity towards the society and environment, in all actions.

Our Philosophy

Our commitment to people and communities is powered by the vision and mission which forms the purpose of our existence. The values that we believe in make the MPG culture and build an environment in which one can thrive.

Our Vision

A vision for tomorrow gave us the purpose for today. Our vision includes creating value for society and making a difference. We aim to extend the benefit to people through our shared services and businesses. MPG Stone’s collaborative efforts, operational excellence, and customer engagement together form the core of our entity.

Our Mission

We are on a mission of creating a roadmap to be the leaders of tomorrow. We put our best foot forward to be the most trusted diversified brand worldwide. Our commitment to excellence and the highest performance standards ensure we deliver what promise. Integrity, responsibility, and the motive to make a difference, fuel this mission.

Characteristics of stone

Stone is a natural substance quarried or mined from the earth. Due to certain inherent characteristics (such as heat retention, durability, ease of cleaning and so on), natural stone may be a desirable material for the production of flooring tiles.

For flooring applications, one important aspect of natural stone is its absorption rating. This refers to the degree to which a material is porous, with the more absorbent being more susceptible to staining and cracking damage.

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Distribution Network

MPG Stone is a leading name in the manufacturer and supplier of natural stones. We leave no stones unturned to give you the best and the most illustrious floor qualities. With a long foundation history in the stone business and a substantial experience of 35+ years, our alluring stones are imported from various highly equipped and modern factories. All stones are fine-tuned and tested at each step for the best shiny outcomes. Our natural stones range like sandstone, limestone, porcelain, quartz, marble, granite and many others are from the UK, Europe, and other parts of the world. We also import directly from India, China, Brazil, and Turkey. So, the best floor choice is here. Count on us for the most attractive and durable natural stone floorings.