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Quartzite is a hard and non-foliated natural metamorphic rock that consists almost entirely of the mineral quartz. It is said to be an extremely dense material that does not even etch after being exposed to acidic materials which makes it a popular choice for kitchen countertops and can be used for both residential and commercial spaces.

MPG Stone is a renowned quartzite stone slabs manufacturer and exporter across the globe. With our expert team of quality auditors, we ensure the timely and safe delivery of our high-quality quartzite slabs and tiles.
What Our Quartzite Stone Slab Can Offer You
Versatile Qualities
Quartzite is a quite versatile stone that can be used in both indoor and outdoor spaces. You can use it in different shapes and forms such as to feature a wall, tile, flooring, landscaping, kitchen countertop, or as a building stone.

Benefits We Have To Offer You

Durability With Ease Maintenance

Quartzite registers itself as ranking 7 on the Mohs hardness scale. It is a porous material that has great heat resistance. You will be required to seal it for an extra layer of protection because it is a natural stone. It is also easy to take care of which goes well with high-traffic areas.

Luxurious Feel

Quartzite tiles are a perfect match to provide a luxurious and sophisticated feel to your personal or professional space. Its color goes well with major designs and textures and matches the requirements for various indoor and outdoor spaces.

Faqs | Quartzite Stone Slab Manufacturer In India

Q. How long does it take to fabricate quartzite?

Ans. With the improved machinery and technology, now it takes only 16 to 20 hours of time instead of 20 days to fabricate quartzite slabs and tiles. So it is now readily available for short-span orders.

Q. Does quartzite fade in sunlight?

Ans. Quartzite is a UV-resistant material and retains its color. It doesn’t even fade even in direct sunlight. You can rest assured in regard to the color and appearance of your quartzite slabs and tiles.

Q. What is the application of quartzite?

Ans. Quartzite is mostly used as a decorative stone. You can use it on walls, flooring, steps, and rooftops. Even now, it is also used in the form of kitchen countertops.

Q. Do you follow any quality measures?

Ans. Yes, we do follow a proper quality measure for quartzite slabs. We have a strict quality control process in place that includes multiple inspections throughout the slab and tile production process. We also ensure that our stones meet ASTM International standards and certifications.

Q. What is your lead time for quartzite slabs and tiles?

Ans. Our lead time differs from product to product. We always strive to deliver our products within the agreed-upon timeframe and work closely with our clients to meet their timelines.

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