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Natural Stone Planters Manufacturer

Stone planters are the boxes used for planting, which are usually made up of a combination of different stones or concrete mixed with resin to provide a unique look. Resin is used to make stone planters to give them strength and reduce their overall weight, which makes them more practical irrespective of their size.

If you are looking for the best quality stone planters, then you can trust MPG Stone. We are one of the leading natural stone planter manufacturers and suppliers around the world. In terms of quality and aesthetic appeal, we keep up with the standard of the international market and offer our wide range of planters.

Things We Have to Offer You

Add Beauty to Your Area

Stone planters add overall beauty to your indoor and outdoor spaces. Using stone planters can also create a fresh and clean finish to the pots. With a wide variety of stone planters available, you can easily match them with the texture of nearby things in the area.


Stone planters are best known for their durability and longevity. They are made of stone, which makes them strong enough to withstand different climate conditions.

Fend Off Flies

Using stone planters can also benefit you by keeping flies away and preventing fungus gnats from your plants and nearby areas. And they are also suitable to create barriers in crowded locations, along with beautiful pathways for the entrances of various commercial and residential buildings.

Faqs | Natural Stone Planters Manufacturer

Q. How long do stone planters last?

Ans. Stone planters are best known for their durability and can last for over 50–100 years if maintained well.

Q. What size planter is best?

Ans. The selection of planters may vary for every plant, but it is recommended to choose a planter that is 2 inches wider than the size of the plant. And if you don’t know the measurement, always opt for a slightly bigger planter to give enough space for roots to grow.

Q. How deep should a planter be?

Ans. For most plants, a planter having a depth of 6–8 inches is considered good. But the depth may vary depending on the plants used, as some may require a depth of 10 inches or more.

Q. What is the maintenance for the planter?

Ans. You need to keep the surrounding area of the planter flexible enough to move it when needed. When some changes occur, ensure to move them a bit.

Q. Do planters have drainage holes?

Ans. No, all planters don’t have drainage holes, which is perfectly okay. Even nowadays, you will find some of the most stylish planters without any drainage holes in them because they are placed atop sleek wooden stands.

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