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A kerbstone is a lengthy or small stone or a block of concrete that is placed with one another from end-to-end to make a kerb. It is made up of grains, usually of feldspar and quartz. It is usually used on the raised road sidewalks or to meet one street to another roadway.

MPG Stone is a prominent kerb stone manufacturer and supplier around the world. We offer kerb stone in various specifications as per the needs of our clients. The products we offer are the best match for the most rigorous demands that can withstand even challenging conditions.

Things You Can Expect From Our Kerb Stones

Strengthen Pavements

Kerb stones have great strength to withstand high foot traffic. Pavements required a certain amount of necessary support from vehicles and other damage for which Kerb stones are a perfect match. They are also considered appreciable support for the road structure as they can direct the excess water on the road to drainage.

Great Appearance

Kerb stones have a significant surface which is ideal to provide a neat edge to your area which is free from any distortions. Kerb stone can also be effectively used to enhance and provide a tremendous appearance to the pavements in gardens.

Long-Lasting Solution

Kerb stones are extremely durable and need no such heavy maintenance to last long. The colors of kerb stones also don’t fade and it is easy to ride a bicycle or a vehicle over it as there is a negligible risk of falling over this stone.

Faqs | Kerb Stones Manufacturer

Q. What is the density of Kerb stone?

Ans. For an outdoor concrete kerb stone, the density should be 1.4 -1.7 kg / Litre for construction purposes.

Q. What material is a road kerb?

Ans. There are many materials used in the construction of kerb stones which include masonry blocks, stone, or asphalt. But most of the kerb stones are made up of cement concrete. But as usual, the type of material being used in the making of a stone may differ based on the use and material used and desired function.

Q. Why are kerbs important?

Ans. Kerbs serve their importance in both high-speed and low-speed roads. Low-speed roads are effective in channeling traffic and redirecting. And on high-speed roads, they work well to provide drainage.

Q. Can kerb stones be customized?

Ans. Yes, kerb stones can be easily customized with the given requirements and need for a project. They can be easily customized on the basis of size, color, and shape.

Q. How heavy is a kerb stone?

Ans. An average kerb stone weighs around 30-40 kg. But it may differ from manufacturer to manufacturer and the customization done to it.

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