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Stone Setts Paving Manufacturer and Supplier

Stone Setts, also known as block paving, is constructed using cement or concrete and is a commonly used method of decoration. They are small flat blocks used to create pavement, walls, and pillars. They are considered a great choice to feature your patio and make an attractive border for outdoor areas.

MPG Stone specializes in manufacturing and supplying stone setts paving around the world. Explore our wide range of versatile and durable block paving in various colors and styles that can be used in different applications for any project, from contemporary to traditional driveways.

What Can You Expect from Us?

Improves the visual

With a wide selection of styles, stone setts can improve the visual appeal of any area. Sett paving is ideal for providing any desired look to your area, whether it is simple and traditional or complex and striking.

Durable and affordable

Block paving and setts are durable materials that can last up to 20 years. It can easily work with pedestrian and motor traffic and is an incredibly hard-wearing material perfect for outdoor areas such as industrial sites, airports, gardens, and driveways.

Environment Friendly

Cobble setts have a porous nature, which makes them an environmentally friendly material that provides areas for water to rest even during rainfall. Water doesn’t gather or flood in these paving’s, as they draw the water and create a better drainage patio for any outdoor area.

Faqs | Natural Stone Setts Paving Manufacturer

Q. How long does stone setts paving last?

Ans. If maintained well, stone setts can last up to 20 years, which includes jet washing every 12 months and re-sending whenever required. Pavement blocks can even be changed individually if damaged, rather than digging up the whole area.

Q. What is the difference between block paving and slabs?

Ans. Paving blocks have shapes like bricks, which is why they are called block pavers. They are thicker and much smaller than slabs and can be used to work as decorative edging around patios.

Q. What are the types of customizations you provide?

Ans. We offer various customization options to our clients. Please contact us directly for a specific query.

Q. Do your block pavers lose color after installation?

Ans. No, the paver blocks that we manufacture do not lose color, even after years of installation.

Q. Which is cheaper, stone sett paving or concrete?

Ans. You will find that stone paving is expensive compared to cement but is long-lasting and highly durable, so it is worth the cost. And a good-quality driveway requires good-quality material that won’t come cheap.

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