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Crafting the World's Finest Natural Stone Surfaces

Procuring and securing high-grade natural stones like limestones, handmade bricks, granite, and marble. With the use of the best natural stones, we bring affordable marble flooring and granite transformations near you. Limestone is a sedimentary rock, composed majorly of calcium carbonate or calcium magnesium carbonate minerals, and handmade bricks are used for building walls and pavements.

About MPG Stone: Natural Stone Manufacturer

Serving utmost excellence since 1984

One of the top exporters and suppliers of high-end stone products in the USA and internationally is MPG Stone. We have 38+ years of proven expertise in this field, and we have maintained our position as the stone industry’s fastest-growing company.

We have always strived to provide our consumers with the highest-quality goods in order to ensure their satisfaction, since doing so greatly aids us in maintaining our place in the market. We are committed to producing designs that accommodate varied project requirements and enable individuals to produce uniquely their own works of art.










Offering the World's Finest Stone Surfaces

Transforming your residential and commercial space is now easy with our extensive range of natural stones, tiles, and man-made stones. With a wide range of options to choose from, you can create a more personalized and stand-out space in your area, both indoors and outdoors. Whether natural stone paving or a wall panel, we have everything to offer you.

Our natural stones and tiles exude nature’s lasting elegance and beauty with the functional strength to endure. Whether you are looking for a stone with calm and subtle hues or a dark and bold one, our collection covers everything. From indoor travertine flooring to outdoor stone circle paving, you can explore and choose from our collection and get the one natural stone that fits best as per your requirements. 

Premium Indian Natural Stone Supplier: MPG Stone

At MPG Stone, we offer a wide range of natural and engineered stones that are queried using high-end technologies and machinery for better results. Our stones are of the highest quality, guaranteeing that our customers receive the best products for their projects. 

From classic shades of marble to earthy tones of limestone, many other types of stone floors are available in our product line. We are one of the top natural stone suppliers, both domestically and internationally.

Why natural stone and tiles?

Natural stones have been the prominent choice for various homeowners and designers for centuries, as they not only add aesthetics to your space but also provide supreme functionality that lasts for years to come. You can see their use in many historical buildings that are still standing, withstanding all wear and tear for centuries.

  • Beauty endured by nature

Natural stones, being queried from the earth’s crust, exude the unique beauty of nature itself. Each natural stone, whether marble or slate stone, offers a distinct look, and no two slabs have the same pattern, which helps you create a distinct look in your space. 

  • A lasting solution

Choosing a slab for floor, wall, backsplashes, and other application areas is a one-time investment, and for that, natural stones and tiles are a perfect solution as if maintained well, they can last for even hundreds of years while maintaining their pristine beauty.

  • Unmatched Strength

Natural stone offers high durability and unmatched strength, which gives it the ability to withstand normal wear and tear, high foot traffic, heavy loads, and various environmental elements without showing much sign of aging. Additionally, they also offer high resistance to scratches, breaks, and cracks.

Bringing Perfection to Your Doorstep

Being one of the top importers and natural stone suppliers of high-end stone products like limestone internationally, MPG Stone has 38+ years of proven expertise. We have maintained our position as the stone industry’s fastest-growing company while you search for promising natural stone suppliers near me.

We have always strived to provide our consumers with the highest-quality goods to ensure their satisfaction, since doing so greatly aids us in maintaining our place in the market. We are committed to providing designs that accommodate varied project requirements and enable individuals to produce unique works of art.

Why choose engineered stones for your project?

Engineered stones are a great invention in the world of stones and tiles, as they offer you the beauty of natural stones with the functionality of man-made stones. They are crafted with precision and can perfectly mimic the look of natural stones. These stones are perfect to use when you have a specific requirement for design and pattern in mind.

  • Personalised Perfection

Engineered stones are a perfect solution for those looking to have a specific design in their space. They are known to perfectly mimic the look of natural stones and offer a uniform look throughout the surface.

  • Highly Non-porous

While natural stones such as travertine may require an additional layer of sealant due to porosity, engineered stones are crafted to be non-porous and don’t require any sealant, making them popular even for use in moisture-prone areas.

  • Durability Beyond Expectation

Engineered stones are crafted to withstand not only interior elements but also the harsh weather conditions of the outdoor environment and heavy foot traffic for years, offering you a surface that requires low maintenance and lasts for even decades while remaining looking like new.

A Stone's Throw Away: Your One-Stop Shop for Stone Solutions

Stop your search for the perfect natural stone in different places, browse our extensive product range, and get to choose the one stone that suits well with your specific requirements well. We are here, committed to offering you:

Unveiling Excellence: Experience the MPG Stone Difference

  • Timely Delivery

No matter where you are located, as a promising natural stone supplier near you, we take immense pride in delivering our natural stone products within the specified time limit.

  • Top-tier products

All our stone products, from precious stones to natural stone paving, go through a series of quality checks to ensure that all our customers receive top-notch and supremely quality products at their doorstep.

  • Unmatched Value

From a pricing perspective, engineered and natural stone costs can vary depending on the type, finish, texture, color, and pattern you choose, and here we offer you a wide range of options to choose from in a range competitive to our competitors.

FAQs related to natural stone suppliers

Q. How long do natural stone tiles last?

Ans. If maintained and taken care of well, natural stones can last for even 100 years and more, as stones such as marble and limestone can still be seen in some old traditional buildings.

Q. Are natural stone floor tiles slippery?

Ans. It depends on the texture of the surface, as glazed and polished surface tiles are slippery while matte and honed surface tiles offer a gripped surface to walk on when wet.

Q. Does natural stone require maintenance?

Ans. Yes, regular cleaning and general maintenance are required to keep your stone in pristine shape for a long period. Additionally, you will also be required to apply sealant to your natural stone surfaces to prevent spills and moisture absorption.

Q. Can natural stone be power washed?

Ans. While some stones offer hard surfaces, such as granite, there are also some stone options, such as stone veneer, that are delicate and can be harmed if power washed. So it will be great to ask the manufacturer before experimenting with cleaning.

Q. Can natural stone floors be restored?

Ans. Yes, the cracks and breaks in stone surfaces can be restored and repaired by expert professionals using a paste or adhesive. For more information, it is advisable to contact the expert installers.

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