buff sandstone paving setts

Available Sizes100x100mm, 100x200mm, 200x200mm  & Other sizes on request
Thickness50-70 mm, 60-80 mm, 70-90 mm, 90-110 mm, 100-130 mm  Calibrated
ApplicationsLandscaping, Pavement, Deck, Courtyards, Paths, and Patios Paving
DescriptionOur Buff Sandstone Setts are a light beige and can match any design and palette. These are good for Patios, Paths, Steps, Driveways.

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The Buff sandstone paving setts are ideal for a variety of home and garden styles, with their warm yellow/golden tones providing a stunning natural stone canvas. Their surface is riven and the slabs have hand-cut edges – giving this paving a relaxed, natural ease in keeping with outdoor living and comfort.


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