kandla grey paving setts

Available Sizes100x100mm, 100x200mm, 200x200mm  & Other sizes on request
Thickness50-70 mm, 60-80 mm, 70-90 mm, 90-110 mm, 100-130 mm  Calibrated
ApplicationsLandscaping, Pavement, Deck, Courtyards, Paths, and Patios Paving
DescriptionKandla Grey Paving Setts will match with any stone or wall or color. It is being used to create stylish, subtle and fashionable projects up and down the country thanks to its beautiful colour palette and ability to match with any surrounds.

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Kandla Grey Paving (Sandstone) Setts, with their subtle mix of grey tones, draw light into a design with their natural split surface and hand-cut edges. These sandstone setts are also extend your design options as part of our wide range of products in this elegant sandstone.


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