yellow setts

Available Sizes100x100mm, 100x200mm, 200x200mm  & Other sizes on request
Thickness50-70 mm, 60-80 mm, 70-90 mm, 90-110 mm, 100-130 mm  Calibrated
ApplicationsLandscaping, Pavement, Deck, Courtyards, Paths, and Patios Paving
DescriptionYellow Setts can be used for aesthetic reasons as well‚ providing lovely and varied textures.

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A more varied material in terms of pattern and shade, Yellow Setts (in Granite) can come in a range of warmer tones, from whites and pale creams to ambers and apricot-yellows. Yellow Granite is a great choice for both contemporary and traditional landscape designs. Its lighter tones make it a great option for brightening and warming up darker outdoor spaces.


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