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buff sandstone circle paving

Product Features

  • Finish :
    As Per Requirement
  • Available Sizes:
    2.7 Meter, 3 Meter, 3.3 Meter, 4 Meter & Other sizes on request
  • Thickness:
    22mm & Other sizes on request
  • Application:
    Patio Flooring, Pathways, Driveways, Pool Surrounds etc..
  • Description:
    Our Buff Sandstone circle is a neutral light-cream shade with some occasional golden tones softly running through, resulting in warm colour palette ideal for modern contemporary designs.

Indian outdoor Pavers

Buff Sandstone Circle Paving

Buff Sandstone Circle Paving is an excellent option for any outdoor area to create a stunning focal point for patios and pathways. This paving option contains a warm, golden hue, perfect for a touch of sophistication and elegance.

Buff Sandstone Circle Paving is best known for its durability, as sandstone is a natural stone that can easily withstand hard weather conditions and test the passage of time if maintained well. You can undoubtedly use it in areas with high foot traffic, and it can also last for many years, which makes it worth the investment.

Buff sandstone paving is an easy choice to complement any style, whether it is contemporary or traditional. With its easy-to-install feature, it provides flexibility in use.

Application Area

Buff Sandstone Circle Paving can be used in various places, which include

  • Driveways
  • Walkways
  • Patios
  • And garden features.

Faqs | Buff Stone Circle

Q. What are the benefits of using a buff paving circle?

Ans. Buff circle paving is a durable, flexible, and long-lasting paving option for any outdoor area. With the ease of maintenance, it can easily withstand high foot traffic.

Q. How to maintain buff sandstone circle paving?

Ans. With regular cleaning and proper maintenance, you can easily maintain buff sandstone circle paving. You need to seal your sandstone in proper durations to protect it from staining and color fading.

Q. What sizes and thicknesses does buff sandstone paving come in?

Ans. Buff sandstone circle paving comes in a number of sizes and thicknesses that provide flexibility in use. But specific sizes can differ based on project needs.

Q. What is buff sandstone circle paving?

Ans. A buff sandstone is a natural blend of colors that includes yellow, cream, buff, and orange, along with plenty of other natural color tones and is placed in such a position to make a circle paving in outdoor areas.

Q. What are the main features of your buff sandstone circle?

Ans. Our buff sandstone circle is of high quality, highly durable, and handpicked. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.

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