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6 Jaw-Dropping Wall Mural Ideas for Living Room

best wall murals ideas for living room

Wall murals are an excellent way to update the look of your living room. When anyone first enters a room, the walls are the areas that catch the eye first, which makes it necessary to make your walls appealing as well as decorative.

Wall murals complement the style and setting of a room and help transform it. You can easily create a statement look on the wall in any way, either traditional or modern, whatever goes best with your place.

We have compiled a list of the top six wall mural ideas to revitalize your living space, which includes:

6 Best Wall Mural Ideas For Living Room

Whether you are looking for wall mural designs or 3D wall mural art, these suggestions will definitely inspire you!

1. Creative Wall murals

creative wall mural art
Image Source | Pinterest

One of the most basic and traditional ways to decorate a living room wall mural is with paint. All you require is basic design and painting skills, along with some acrylic mural paint.

If you are a beginner, choose eggshell or matte finish paint, and if you know how to design and paint, you can also choose a ready-made design and paint it on the wall.

This method has a great advantage, as you can design anything based on your taste.

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2. Illusional Wallpaper Murals

illusional wall mural
Image Source: Teahub

The second and craziest way to enhance the wall is by using an illusional wall mural. You can add an illusional wall painting or wallpaper to create a focal point for the room.

Either choose the mural palette to dictate the color of other textures to provide an inclusive feel at the place. Always choose a color that goes well with other colors.

You can also create an indoor-outdoor feel in your living area by adding outdoor mural wallpaper to the wall.

3. Design with Mosaic Tiles

wall mosaics tiles design
Image Source | Commomy Decor

Besides paints and wallpapers, mosaics are a great way to create wall murals that will be the center of attention in a living area.

Tiles are a much more permanent solution than paint and wallpaper, and they can be more realistic and glossy. You can use tiles in moist areas as they are water-resistant and work well on the walls.

Mosaic tiles also come in a variety of colors and textures, making them easy to match with other items in the room. You can explore our Mosaic tiles section that we offer.

4. Graphic Mural Art

graphic mural art
Image Source | Pinterest

Using graphic art design is the latest change and experiment in wall art. Graphic design art has taken over almost every surface, whether it is an interior or a conference space.

You can large-print the design art wallpapers according to the size of your wall and stick them to provide a youthful, fun, and funky vibe to your living area.

In this way, you can showcase your personality through wall art, which helps you add a more personal and specific touch of your imagination to your place.

5. Abstract Wall Mural Ideas

abstract wall mural art
Image Source: Abstract House

It is not necessary for a mural wall to always be large and dominating; it can also be short, simple, and pointed, which adds a decorative touch to the room.

Abstract art is neither a simple nor a tricky design style. It is a fusion of creativity and simplicity at a time that catches the eye of the viewer with amusement.

The abstract wall mural is best for lending character to the space without being overwhelming or dominating.

6. Spray Painting

spray painting wall mural art
Image Source: | london Design Collective

Spray painting is a trending way to decorate your walls nowadays. You can spray paint your wall with any design you want.

Paint sprays also come with a huge advantage, as they can easily go into narrow spaces and make your art look more realistic and inclusive.

It is much faster and easier than painting wall murals, but some people may find it expensive. It is considered an ideal solution if you are open to designing only one wall.

FAQs | Living Room Wall Mural

Q. Do wall murals look good?

Ans. Yes, wall murals not only look good but also enhance the overall space of the room.

Q. Do wall murals make a room look smaller?

Ans. No, Wall murals don’t make a room look smaller. It works in a way to make a small wall look open to the contemporary world, which makes a room look

Q. What is the difference between a wall painting and a mural?

Ans. The difference between a wall painting and a mural is that a painting can be a small artwork or illustration made by using more than one color that later gets framed, but a mural is a design, painting, or wallpaper that can be small or large that directly draws on a wall.

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Q. How long do wall murals last?

Ans. Wall murals generally last for many years, but it depends on various factors, including the area, environment, maintenance, and much more.

Q. What is the benefit of mural painting?

Ans. Using a mural in a room beautifies the somber and boring space and provides it with a refreshing and energetic feel.


Wall murals are an excellent way to completely transform the look of your living room. It helps you show your personality in a well-designed way.

So if you are using wall murals at your place, then tag @mpg_stone on Instagram and show us your design ideas, or comment down which one inspired you the most.

For murals, mosaic tiles are also considered a great and long-lasting option. So if you are looking for mosaic tile suppliers for your project, then you can also explore MPG Stone Mosaics.

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