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21 Exterior Wall Cladding Materials: Transform Your Outdoors

exterior wall cladding materials to transform your outdoors

Stone Cladding is a decorative material made of natural or engineered stone, precisely for decorative purposes. They enhance the overall look and change the appearance of an ordinary wall to a uniquely styled design.

Well, it’s not a thing people think of often, but gone are the days of boring painted walls, and now the time of designer walls is in trend, and people look for exterior wall cladding materials to decorate their walls uniquely.

Choosing a material for your wall is not an easy task. That’s why, in this blog, we will add several exterior wall stone cladding materials for you to choose from.

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Exterior Wall Cladding Materials

  1. Slate-Stacked Stone
  2. Granite Panel Cladding
  3. Sandstone Strip Cladding
  4. Travertine Tile Cladding
  5. Quartzite Wall Cladding
  6. Basalt Stone Cladding
  7. Marble Veneer Cladding
  8. Onyx Slab Cladding
  9. Fieldstone cladding
  10. Cobblestone Cladding
  11. Lava Stone Cladding
  12. Coral Stone Cladding
  13. Bluestone Panel Cladding
  14. Quartz Wall Cladding
  15. Schist Stone Cladding
  16. Petrified Wood Cladding
  17. Gneiss Stone Cladding
  18. River Rock Cladding
  19. Sandstone Split-Face Cladding
  20. Onyx Mosaic Cladding
  21. Schist Ledge Cladding

01. Slate-Stacked Stone

Slate-stacked stone wall cladding is a prominent way to decorate the exterior wall, as it offers a rustic appeal. It is also considered one of the most effective construction tools in terms of insulation.

02. Granite Panel Cladding

Granite is one of the most common materials used for wall cladding. Granite panel offers a sturdy and luxurious look to the exteriors while also providing great resistance to moisture.

03. Sandstone Strip Cladding

sandstone strip wall cladding

Sandstone comes in a range of colors and design patterns, and using its strip cladding will create a natural aesthetic and earthy tone. It combines endless options to create a beautiful and eye-catching wall-cladding design in your outdoor space.

04. Travertine Tile Cladding

Travertine tile is a perfect material for the exterior, as it always seems to glow in the light. This stone contains pure colors and offers a textured and classic appearance to the overall setting.

05. Quartzite Wall Cladding

Quartzite Wall Cladding

Quartzite is a beautiful stone material that exudes quality, and with its contemporary and sleek design, it suits well with similar colored materials around your garden area, which is an ideal material to be on the list of exterior wall cladding materials.

06. Basalt Stone Cladding

basalt stone wall cladding

Basalt stone cladding in dark hues is a great material to create a modern and bold statement on your exteriors, as it goes well with dark-toned materials to create an inclusive pattern.

07. Marble Veneer Cladding

Marble is a beautiful stone, and a marble veneer cladding design is a must-go option for those who are looking for a luxurious and sophisticated touch in their outdoor spaces, as this stone is considered the epitome of luxury.

08. Onyx Slab Cladding

Onyx is one of the most glamorous stones because it reflects beautifully and has easy-to-clean properties. It is a unique stone with translucent properties that looks beautiful on walls and can also be used to create a focal point outdoors.

09. Fieldstone Cladding

fieldstone wall cladding

Fieldstone cladding offers a charming and rustic appearance and is one of the oldest patterned wall cladding materials, which will take you back to the 18th century as it has been a vintage favorite for most homeowners and designers.

10. Cobblestone Cladding

cobblestone wall cladding

Cobblestone cladding has warm undertones that work well with dark accent colors and have a traditional and lasting look. You can easily create this pebble-look design, as shown in the above picture, seamlessly in your outdoor space.

11. Lava Stone Cladding

lava stone wall cladding

Lava stone cladding contains a distinctive texture and pattern and is a weather-adjusting material. It contains cool, dark tones and offers a modern, contemporary design while fitting well with the atmosphere.

12. Coral Stone Cladding

Many people often prefer coral stone cladding for a tropical and beach-inspired design. It looks fresh and appealing and offers an exquisite natural touch with easy installation properties.

13. Bluestone Panel Cladding

Bluestone panel cladding is famous for its sleek and contemporary style and is an innovative panel system. It contains natural and aesthetically pleasing designs that maintain a premium-quality appearance for a longer period of time.

14. Quartz Wall Cladding

Quartz wall cladding comes in a beautiful neutral color and offers a versatile look. It is also termed a great alternative to traditional wall designs due to its natural surface, which delivers antique beauty with easy installation properties.

15. Schist Stone Cladding

Schist stone cladding is a perfect material for those who prefer a less rustic and more refined look in their outdoor spaces, as it has a layered and textured surface that looks aesthetically beautiful in any garden area.

16. Petrified Wood Cladding

Petrified wood cladding contains a unique and fossilized appearance that offers a retro look and is mostly used in offices, homes, and hotels. It is a glamorous stone with a reflective surface and easy-to-clean properties.

17. Gneiss Stone Cladding

Gneiss stone cladding is a material with earthy tones that offers natural and rustic vibes. It is a unique material that retains its strength, doesn’t rot, and is also not brittle. This stone’s beautiful finish offers a share of eternity.

18. River Rock Cladding

River rock cladding is specifically recreated to capture the natural essence of river rock, which offers a smooth and organic feel outdoors. This stone encompasses a warm and welcoming look with its randomly shaped rock design.

19. Sandstone Split-Face Cladding

Sandstone split-face wall cladding is a favorable material for most designers as it offers a textured and rustic finish outdoors. It has an elegant and natural look that blends well with other garden materials.

20. Onyx Mosaic Cladding

Onyx mosaic cladding is a great option to offer an intricate and luxurious look in your outdoor space. It offers a stunning visual and creates a warming and welcoming ambiance that catches visitors’ eyes.

21. Schist Ledge Cladding

Schist ledge cladding offers a layered and earthy texture in any area and is becoming a more and more popular material option for wall claddings. It is ideal to create a distinguished curbside appeal for your project.


As we can see, there are numerous ways to improve the visual appeal and durability of any building using exterior wall stone cladding materials. Exterior Wall cladding materials are becoming more popular in contemporary architecture and design because of their classic elegance and rustic charm.

Every taste and architectural vision can be accommodated with a stone-cladding style, from clean contemporary buildings to rustic country cottages. Stone cladding can turn a typical exterior into a work of art, whether you prefer the earthy warmth of stacked fieldstones, the crisp lines of cut stones, or the dramatic texture of irregular shapes.

Stone cladding not only enhances attractiveness but also has a lot of useful advantages. Natural stone is a fantastic material for outside walls because of its innate strength and durability. The structure is protected from the elements, such as rain, wind, and high temperatures, by the stone veneer, which serves as a barrier of defense. A second layer of insulation is also added, improving energy efficiency and lowering heating and cooling expenses. 

Stone cladding requires little upkeep and is durable, making it a cost-effective long-term investment. Stone cladding requires less maintenance than other materials that could need periodic painting, staining, or replacement. It often only requires occasional cleaning with water and a little detergent to keep its immaculate appearance. 

Additionally, stone cladding offers countless design and personalization options. You can make one-of-a-kind, eye-catching designs that express your style using a variety of colors, textures, and readily available patterns. Stone cladding can be customized to suit exact requirements, adding character and value to your property, whether you want a traditional, rustic design or a clean, modern style.

In conclusion, external wall stone cladding concepts provide a seductive fusion of aesthetic appeal, robustness, and adaptability. They improve the appearance of any structure, offer protection from the elements, and deliver enduring function with little upkeep. If you want to design a beautiful and long-lasting exterior for your next architectural project that will stand the test of time, think about using stone cladding.

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