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What Are PEI Ratings? All You Need To Know About

what are Tiles PEI Ratings

The PEI rating is specifically designed to showcase the tile’s resistance to abrasion. PEI stands for Porcelain Enamel Institute. This rating system plays a vital role in determining the stability and durability of porcelain and ceramic tiles to be used in different types of applications, specifically flooring.

The PEI rating helps homeowners, designers, and professionals determine and select the correct kind of tile based on their level of usage, foot traffic, and wear. This rating system consists of ratings that go from 0 to 5, in which each rating detects the ability of a tile to withstand foot traffic, abrasion, and wear.

Here’s a breakdown of the PEI ratings:

pei rating chart

PEI 0:  

These tiles are not good enough to take high foot traffic or any load. These tiles are primarily used for decorative purposes, such as on walls or areas that require minimal contact.

PEI 1:  

Tiles with a PEI rating of 1 are suitable for use in areas with less foot traffic and wear, such as light-duty residential areas. These tiles can be used in guest bathrooms and bedrooms with limited wear.

PEI 2:  

These tiles are suitable to handle a little to moderate foot traffic, such as those areas that are walked on by normal footwear with a little scratched dirt. The best place to use the PEI 2 rating is in residential areas like kitchens and entryways, where there is a bit more activity.

PEI 3:  

Tiles with a PEI 3 rating are also named Group 3 tiles, which are designed to withstand medium to heavy foot traffic. These tiles are best suited for all light commercial and residential areas, which include Boutiques, countertops, residential bathrooms, reception areas, offices, and interior walls.

PEI 4:  

PEI 4 rating tiles are more robust in nature and can easily withstand regular levels of foot traffic. These tiles are best recommended for use in light institutional and medium commercial spaces such as hotels, shops, and restaurants.

PEI 5:  

Tiles with a PEI rating of 5 are best suited for areas that require very heavy foot traffic, wear, abrasive dirt, and moisture. These tiles are commonly found in places such as Public buildings, airports, shopping centers, swimming pools, and leisure centers.


It’s important to note that the PEI rating primarily assesses a tile’s resistance to abrasion and wear. Other factors, such as the tile’s water absorption rate (often denoted by its “water absorption percentage”) and its slip resistance, should also be considered when choosing tiles for specific applications.

When selecting tiles, it’s crucial to match the PEI rating with the intended use of the tile to ensure that it will perform well and maintain its appearance over time. Using tiles with an appropriate PEI rating for the intended level of foot traffic can help prolong the life of the tile installation and maintain its aesthetic appeal. 

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